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The Beer Doctor is in, bring in all your ailments and I will have the cure.  So you want to know about beer and beer events, well I am the one who decides what's good and bad.  Here are my recommendations for 2011 (If i missed anything worth mentioning just hit the contact the Doc button and I will add it).

Oh yah, and I make house calls too.  Just make sure the keg fridge is ready to rock!

The Beer Doctor

My first prescription for 2011 is the upcoming winter beer festival in los Angeles, the one and only Bock Fest.  This event is perfect for all the beer lovers, you will get to try beers from Austria and Germany that you would never ever even see on the shelves at the local super market.  the coolest part is that we can all judge the winning beer!!! That I love, the beer champion of the world will be selected by people like you and I, and not by some snooty aficionados :)  bring it on  get your tickets if not sold out already.

You can read my reviews daily as I post beer reviews right here on the home page: 

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I don't rate beer, why? well because I think beer is to be drank and loved; not rated!

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Oops I almost forgot there are lost of great local micro brews as well! Prost!

My last review was of the spectacular and private brew haw haw in LA, now that was a great beer festival, small intimate crowd with lots of great beer.  make sure you check them out again next year.

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